Farm Managment Plans

A Farm Management Plan is a key tool when embarking on a new enterprise and for effective farm business management. They may also be requested by local government as a condition to use land in a specific planning zone and may also be a requirement of a financial institution for lending.

They typically contain the following:

  • Title and ownership
  • Business goals and vision
  • Current and historical land use
  • Property Characteristics (Landform, geology, soils, swamps, drainage and riparian, vegetation)
  • Environmental risks
  • Land Capability and Productive Potential (type and variations across property)
  • Management Strategies (enterprises, stocking rates, rotations, tillage, pest plant and animal control etc)
  • Actions and time-frames
  • Financial performance (inputs, outputs)
  • Identification of key risks and opportunities
  • Addressing of specific requirements (local government planning) herofeds in landscape 300x116 Farm Managment Plans